the Tin Can Laughter

by the Tin Can Laughter

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Tracks 1,4,6,8,10,11,14 sung by Sashwap.
Tracks 2,3,5,7,9,12,13 sung by Superwhore.

Whoever didn't sing on the track, played the instruments. Talk about "going postal".


released October 31, 2015

the Tin Can Laughter are Superwhore and Sashwap, with assistance from Canadaway.



all rights reserved


the Tin Can Laughter

Two guys from two bands in two states holding two positions listening to way too much Guided By Voices. Whoever didn't sing on the track, played the instruments. Talk about "going postal".

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Track Name: Cold Fusion
cold fusion takes me apart
i lost it down the drain
an accident i can’t explain
Track Name: Mountain Time
she drowned with friends in a wishing well
unsure of who they'd be pleasing
too tired to give a thought
of how much they'd be releasing

she climbed the mountain, unafraid
nodding off and too high
unskilled and half-untrained
awaited the seconds to die

it used to be such fun
Track Name: Strawmen of Antiquity
my coat is the strawman of antiquity
selected the best bunch
discounted the eggheads and their obsequious liquid counterparts

I'm meeting with them today

but I can't take away their prize
not again
it’s too late to (be)friend them
painted skeletons

I'm meeting with them today
Track Name: Paul's Eccentric Taste in Women
he'll stop at nothing
to obtain something
however lacking
they might be smacking

he knows no bounds
no go-arounds
he'll waste no space
he'll see no face

cruel and unusual recreation
cruel and unusual recreation
cruel and unusual recreation
Track Name: Cyborg Eats an Apple
wasting the slight indifference
waging the profitable signs i know
cyborg eats an apple
thinking takes time i know
now she’s dead :(
Track Name: The Right Thing
clear as day
but i can't see straight
it's so belated
in running late

days feel too long
nights feel too short
sleepless hours
nothing to report

differences in our direction
everyone says we should be over
no one else said we were doing the right thing
Track Name: Before & After the Snake Man
before and after the snake man
let's go back to where it all began
before and after the snake man
let's go back to where it all will end

take a long cold garbage can
trapped in the earthman web
i see you hovering in the trees

and we'll learn to love again
i will count the cycle of hens
before and after the snake man

take a long cold garbage can
before and after the snake man
isn't it strange...
Track Name: Pearl
through the smashed-glass holes of our stained-glass world
I still wait for the magical girl
does she wait for me?
I doubt it but that doesn't stop me
parachutes are torn
friendships are reborn
it's not the same because it's better
quiet as to not upset her

here I wait for the magical girl
happy little brand of skin named Pearl

up in arms for graying skies
waiting for enemies to terrorize
I guess that isn't coming
I guess that isn't here
power lines will fall
curled up in a ball
jet set off to civilization
clear and free of assertation

here I wait for the magical girl
happy little fuse unlit named Pearl
Track Name: Jupiter Motor
wait in line for rocket life
a ticket for the bride
i might have to fake a slide
you get to peek inside

just after…

american citizens don’t know the right word to say
american citizens don’t have the right word today
you get to peek inside...
Track Name: Early Morning Tension
and he's up
but much too early
two hours of sleep lost again
too lazy to leave the bed
too careful to tell his friend

that he had another dream about her
it's why he's barely awake
how much more can a thirsty man take?
early morning tension

and she's up
but much too late
two hours of free time overslept
too determined not to let it go
too afraid to let him know

that she had another dream about him
it's why she's always asleep
how low can a salty girl dig before she's too deep?
early morning tension

they know they'll never know
for sure
Track Name: Pink Room (Black Spring)
cold in there
freeze the dye, you stare
at the mirror, in disgust
giving off no precious lust
awaits you in the basement
you locked him there last year
and if he sits another day
I don't think you'll be here

here sits another girl
with promises bestowed
broken in a plastic bowl
with everyone she owed
"drink myself to sleep", she said
"I doubt I ever will"
found again by a mutual friend
she went and did it still

the pink room watches from the floor
it doesn't like you anymore

we all will be away