Just After

by the Tin Can Laughter

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if he didnt sing it, he played the instruments


released October 2, 2016

BEN sang: engine, any day now, genuine vents, live life insular, violent coughing fit, done, ten trumpet funeral, prom isnt coming, readying expansion, shared experience

DAN sang: her suitcase of a million years, gettin corroded, chair of purple pools, inverted fern, hurry up, chocolatey claire, jazz bargains, hidden hugger juggernaut, shrugging illustrated, andrews hive mind



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the Tin Can Laughter

Two guys from two bands in two states holding two positions listening to way too much Guided By Voices. Whoever didn't sing on the track, played the instruments. Talk about "going postal".


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Track Name: Inverted Fern
she stands silently
holidays still glitter
even when feelings change
even eclipsed by the lions mane
what haven't you learned?

inverted Fern

and now our adventures have taken their course
and all our troubles compressed to find me
returning their page
evolving at will
one day at a time

inverted Fern
Track Name: Readying Expansion
western limbo heights
candied sharks and liberties
it's hard to find
but it's harder not to buy
cradled fins
wrappers in the wind
temples breaking apart
burning at the heart

i'm flying over
crying over
nothing's over
but i'm ready to be

afraid of Mud March
when will 30 days end?
Track Name: Prom Isn't Coming
late in the year
we stop our fights and moonlighting
set our sights to citing
our successes and failures

in our short trips and fixtures
expecting next year
to be better
what an upsetter
prom isn't coming next year
or ever

prom isn't coming
Track Name: Hidden Hugger Juggernaut
hey juggernaut
hey what are those?
everyday for rain
go to the phone
or maybe not
restaurant witch
the window’s broken
unlock the door
don't let them in
hey juggernaut
Track Name: Genuine Vents
isnt it aggravating
feeling a change
and the change hurts bad
but you get used to it so quickly
its not so bad
but you know it should be

genuine vents
pitching the anger tents
Track Name: Chocolatey Claire
isn’t she sweet?
she gets in your hair
let's have a weekend with chocolatey claire
Track Name: Engine
where the mistress fails to repeat herself
where the engine fails to restart itself
where the unborn fall into lighter hands
where the children follow

you lead
you need to find the need
to let them carry you along
Track Name: Done
will you find him soon?

it's late and we're all real tired
so why are you still so fired up?
the sky's too dark for the moon to glow
so how come we can't go?

is there a secret in the trees I'm missing?
is there a clue on the bench on which I'm sitting?
is there a hint buried underneath the campfire?
I'm tired
and I'm ready to drag you home
Track Name: Chair of Purple Pools
it was just a place of convenience
(swirled in space)
a purple place
gray pools, unoccupied
but it couldn’t last
that’s why we had one last blast
let the light in and flood the pools
Track Name: Hurry Up (The Length of Reason)
hurry up, little flower
this world is waiting -- hurry up!
our cool surroundings
are prime for saving!

and my pavilion is swarming with bees -- hurry up
clear out some room now
the length of reason...

and i know
this feeling
i know it's all i ever want
i know i can be it
like a tree we won't know how to fall

hurry up!
Track Name: Shrugging Illustrated
don’t jump in the lake
don’t break your beak
there’s no one to hear
the spaceman sing

but i ask for nothing
and i think there’s something wise
in your eyes
that’s where we collide

that’s why we don’t know how to lie
there’s always something there and i will vocalize
vocalize without a reason to ever despise
Track Name: Violent Coughing Fit
do I miss the people
or do I miss the life?

unsure of where to head next
when the current surroundings make me smaller
I had thought it would make me feel taller
maybe I should have read the subtext
top of the totem pole but wishing down
feels almost miserable when they're not around
I miss the people, I miss the life
I miss the feeling that said I could have had a wife

and I'm not so certain anymore
Track Name: (I Wanna Live Inside) Andrew's Hive Mind
i wanna live inside andrew's hive mind
Track Name: Live Life Insular
theres a big world out there
and its not for you
live life insular

the days keep getting longer
but they keep moving faster
they dont know how to end
you dont know when to give up
race for the finish line
reset the time

its impossible to know for sure
live life insular
Track Name: Jazz Bargains
chase me golden child
i side with pirate
flap away on oily wings
say nothing of worth
so loud it carves out a space
Track Name: Ten Trumpet Funeral
on account of the ten trumpet funeral
the wake stands at bay
waiting for the crash of the third wave
to whirlpool in

blessed are the ones we picked to throw aside
through Hell's water slide
of ghosts and gray areas
at the ten trumpet funeral
Track Name: Gettin' Corroded
acidic liquid kisses my throat
biting bubbles impress upon me
the weight of their rage

dissolving my will
one tooth at a time
gettin’ corroded
Track Name: Her Suitcase of a Million Years
well i got tired
slept unevenly
i cracked open the sidewalk
and counted the fears
in her suitcase of a million years
Track Name: Shared Experience
shared experience
running through the bushes with the chains locking our hands
tried to sustain without making big plans

until it was too late
chance left up to fate
it was great
but i'm afraid it's getting late
and i must go

waiting for the walls to crack
before we knew it best
to turn our backs

the boardwalk sealed our fate
but i'm afraid it's getting late
and i must go
Track Name: Any Day Now
any day now
she'll stay now
maybe when it's cooler out
and there's not as much to worry about

any day now
she's going to ask for a way to live here now
ready to pop the question
but knowing of too many answers
when there's not as much to worry about