Something Else For Shoegazers EP

by the Tin Can Laughter

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hey, remember us?

brought to you by Sashwap (Dan from Rectangle Creep) and Superwhore (Ben from Naked Ant)


released August 22, 2016

sashwap sang 246
superwhore sang 135



all rights reserved


the Tin Can Laughter

Two guys from two bands in two states holding two positions listening to way too much Guided By Voices. Whoever didn't sing on the track, played the instruments. Talk about "going postal".

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Track Name: 11 Wives
wheres the light from the end of the tunnel
promising sight but it led me here
what happened in the night that cursed me honestly
what could be changed to forgive my person

breaking on the new wave

dancing on spray-on wings that almost fly
turned to dust by 11:05
cutting pages off the books and thrown aside
turning back into skin before it died
Track Name: Observe Them (Do What They Do)
observe them
do what they do

we will watch them try
that's how we know

observe them
watching our cartoons

observe them
do what they do
Track Name: I'll Never Be Cutter
I'll never be Cutter
you'll never be based
I'm strumming you
with miles on your face
temporarily out of Commissioner Goodell
seeking a haven for heartbreak hell

send me your demo
I'll send you a lunchbox
foolishly standing in line
for chicken pox
back at Joseph Airwave
Track Name: Cremated Genie
cremated genie, you owe it to yourself
take it off the shelf
cremated genie for legalized breakfast joy
won’t break the bank

stir it in and wait
her ghost moves slow

the fact is that it was
not immediately clear
whether or nothing
but i’m sure it’s working

and her ghost moves slow
Track Name: Endless Road
the signs were flashing out off in the distance
arrows pointing to the center of the lane
tears started flowing I didn't understand
how a simple gesture could bring so much pain
have I been missing the clues hints and signals
that would explain what made you so sad
before I find our lives disintegrating
could you just tell me what made you so mad?

branching out up into the air
where the whistles dangle into your hair
it's knotted together and starting to die
is there too much pressure to tell me why?
are you letting yourself suffer blindly?
holding on while the bridge erodes
refusing to call for help or send a signal
tied to the tracks of an endless road
Track Name: Big Plankton
have yourself a peak
first glance is your last chance
big plankton in my tank
as big as your fist against my face
what once was big is now commonplace
big plankton
bigger heads prevail

alternatives seem appealing
thought processes revealing
circle back upon this snack
pounce it out, man
these whales are walking now
soaking the streets
big plankton can taste their sweet defeat
bigger heads prevail